Armin Robotics sa

Armin Robotics sa

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More spindle hours ?
More flexibility ?
Increase the profitability of your CNC ?
Improve ergonomics within your company ?
Thanks to our wide range of automation solutions, our robots can help you for:

Lathe loading
Machining centers loading
Loading parts
Flexible production
Zero-point pallets
tool change
Foundry parts
Tables, conveyors, storage systems, 2D vision, bin picking, 3D vision, vertical storage units, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicules), cobots, …. our technologies provide an answer to each problem and our modular design offers you the reliability, the price et the delivery time of the standard with the experience of tailor-made!

Expert in CNC and automation for more than 10 years, ARMIN engineers are listening to your challenges and will study with you the best solution to pass them.



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