Bagumec – Stem

Bagumec – Stem

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Bagumec is a family business, for more than 25 years—since 1995—specialized in maintaining throw blasting machines and freeblasting halls for surface treatment. Among other things, we focus on manual blasting (injection jets and pressure jets) both in a compact blasting cabin and in a spacious blasting hall. Typical applications are the cleaning, deburring and post-processing of workpieces.

Throw blasting machines also have no secrets for Bagumec, these are built into production processes or used for handling small to medium-sized workpieces.
Even with stainless steel constructions, Bagumec can advise you and make you the most efficient proposals.

Prominent industrial companies in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany rely on our expertise to maintain their machinery. With this experience as a maintenance company, we have developed a range of machine parts and components for the most diverse blasting machines.

In addition, we also focus on the sale of blasting machines. As a result, we automatically ended up in the direction of factory automation and special machine building. The Bagumec team of engineers ensures that projects are fully tailored to the customer’s preference. We provide a full technical service and support from day 1.

Our customers rely on our know-how because we:
• offer the best quality;
• responsible for their preventive maintenance;
• always be flexible and according to the wishes of our customers;
• Be on standby 24/7 and ready to guarantee their production.

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