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Passionate about high precision mechanics, our team has taken, since 1996, a strategic and leading place in bar turning with sliding headstock thanks to the import of a Japanese machine brand, well known for its watches: CITIZEN. Shortly after, BIGLIA, a leading manufacturer of CNC fixed headstock machines, who placed their trust in us.

As an importer and repairer of CNC machines for the BENELUX, we have become, for our customers, the essential partner for all their bar turning projects, whatever the sector of activity. Over the years, our team of specialists has developed knowledge and skills that they have been able to share with most of the bar turners on the market.

To answer our customers’ requests, Bun engineering has extended its area of ​​expertise to the milling sector with brands such as AKIRA SEIKI and FAGIMA.

Regarding the good results reported by Citizen and the trust that this great brand places in us, we are proud to commercialize since 2019 the CITIZEN MIYANO brand, a very high precision fixed headstock machine, complementary to the BIGLIA’s brand.

Since the introduction of this new brand of machinery in our pipeline, our company has been able to strengthen its collaboration with customers in the automotive, aeronautical and medical sectors.

Today, Bun Engineering mainly exists to provide you with fast and efficient technical service, within very competitive deadlines, which makes it your trusted supplier.

Our specialists are at your disposal to answer all your questions and provide you with the spare parts you need.

The Bun engineering team is therefore your ideal partner to help you through your various projects and technological investments.


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